Media Collective was created as a supportive space for filmmakers, media-makers and artists to come, develop their projects, dialogue with one another, and generate content that will have a transformative impact in the world. Its formal mission - as articulated in its not-forprofit charter - is three-fold:

  1. To encourage, promote and foster the use of media technology with the underlying intention of educating the public about social justice issues, health, cultural phenomena, economics and social themes.
  2. To encourage and assist non-profit corporations and community groups within the US and abroad (including schools, libraries, museums, health and social agencies, etc.) to use media as a means to further their charitable and/or educational aims.
  3. To encourage cooperation and free intercourse among filmmakers, media professionals, students, publishers, and others engaged in media services, by holding festivals, lectures, workshops, and screenings, and by providing internships and fellowships for those interested in media.

Media Collective was founded in 2000 as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation in the State of New York.


Over the years, Media Collective has supported and served as a fiscal sponsor on projects such as:

  1. A feature-length documentary on poet and environmental activist W.S. Merwin, entitled "EVEN THOUGH THE WHOLE WORLD IS BURNING". The film played many film festivals and premiered on PBS nationwide in April 2016.
  2. A one-hour documentary on New York City streets and public spaces, entitled "CONTESTED STREETS". The film played many film festivals and screened as part of “The Green” program on the Sundance Channel.
  3. A multi-media DVD on effective after-school programs, entitled "Enlivened Literature."
  4. The Canary Project, a website and traveling exhibit that documents the impact of global warming.


Media Collective accepts sponsorship requests from independent artists/media makers and emerging media arts organizations seeking funds for non-commercial media projects. We are most interested in helping those individuals/organizations who show a strong commitment to educating the public about social justice issues, health, cultural phenomena, economics and social themes.

Terms of Sponsorship

If your project is accepted for sponsorship then you will receive a letter that can be attached to your grant applications noting that Media Collective has agreed to act as fiscal sponsor.

Each grant must be submitted to Media Collective and approved before submission to a funding source. When applying to funding agencies, your project title shall be followed by "Media Collective (fiscal sponsor)". Media Collective's fee is 4% of the grant amount. It covers our administrative costs. This is deducted from your grant when it is received. Funds will be given to you in payments determined by the grant period and dependent upon completion of interim financial reports to us.

You are responsible for keeping accurate fiscal records of your grant and for filling out and filing all appropriate report forms to your granting agency on time.

You will be expected to provide one copy of your completed program for our archives, and to list in your credits using wording similar to the following: "Our thanks to the Media Collective for acting as fiscal sponsor on this project."

Media Collective will strive to help you finish your project. However, completion is ultimately your responsibility. If you do not successfully complete your project, it is between you and the funder. We are just a conduit through which you can approach funders and receive grants. Please contact Media Collective to receive an application packet.


For more information about Media Collective, including its programs, services, and current projects, please contact:

Media Collective
68 3rd Street, Suite #8
Brooklyn, NY 11231